Thursday, September 25, 2008

Daddy Makes Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Sunday is “Daddy Makes Breakfast” day. Daddy makes “real” breakfast: bacon, toast or English muffins slathered with butter, eggs, French toast or like today, pancakes. A few weeks ago when I bought blueberries, it was blueberry pancakes. Today it’s Chocolate Chip Pancakes. (YES! I AM going to use up these chips this century! Now don’t get me wrong, these chips are adorable, but they have almost no chocolate taste whatsoever.)

I have a big mason jar filled with Alton Brown’s “Instant Pancake Mix” or sometimes DH just uses Bisquick. Hey, I say, as long as you’re making breakfast honey, you can do what-eh-va you want, as long as you clean it up. I generally don’t eat starch for breakfast, so the boys and Daddy chow down on his masterpieces.

The secret to add-ins for pancakes like chips and blueberries is to dole out the batter first and then put the extra ingredients on the uncooked “second side”. When you flip the flapjacks, the add-ins will get incorporated beautifully with no running or clumping. For blueberry pancakes, they’ll stay pancake color and not turn that funny blue-gray color.

You can freeze any leftovers by layering them with waxed paper and then keeping them in a zip top bag. For reheating, I just throw ‘em in the toaster. :)

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  1. Don't you just love Alton? He is one of my very favorite Food Network people (Ina is up there too). Those pancakes look great! It's a dreary rainy morning here, I could use one!

  2. I love chocolate chip pancakes and always make these for the kids on Christmas morning. They are such a treat. You had some lovely pancakes there...very fluffy!

  3. I have learned so much from Alton; I only wish I caught the pancake episode. Well, I'm sure they will repeat it someday. Anywho, these pancakes look quite tasty....I want to make pancakes this sunday. I haven't made them since was just too hot this past summer, the season is right now.

  4. Lisa, the pancakes look just perfect! The husband should be very proud! And so should you :)


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