Wednesday, January 7, 2009

TWD: Time Off for Bad Behavior

This is not me.

Hello my TWD friends! I've pleaded insanity and gotten a TWD hall pass for the next couple of months. My hips, cholesterol and wallet all need a little time off, but rest assured that I'll come back to worshiping at Ms. Greenspan's feet when things are under control. I WILL keep posting items, just not TWD's. I hope to live vicariously through you and will continue to cheer you on! Allez cuisine!

(This is NOT me either, but I sure feel this way!)

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  1. LOL! Cute post! :o) Much success to you! I'll be back.

  2. I know you'll find the balance! I've got you on my Google Reader, so I'll be following your blog whether you cook seaweed or creampuffs.

    There are so many great - and healthy - recipes out there. Have you seen Pam Anderson's book?


  3. Hey! Where did you get that picture of me in my underwear?!

  4. Good luck! I'm with you on your journey. I hauled my (too large thanks to TWD) rear end out of bed at 5:00 AM to go running yesterday morning, only for it to start pouring rain when I was at the point farthest away from home. I took that as a bad omen. But I know that YOU are going to reach all of your goals!

  5. That's quite the outfit on model #2. That bra looks like it would stop a bullet. And I'm not even going to guess at the ties on the front of the girdle.

    Even without doing TWD I'm feeling the same. Too many shortbreads.

    Here's to a healthy 2009.


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