Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Apron and a Question for You

I've got a new apron! I love it! It's so girly and cute. I love the scalloped edges and that it's made of oil cloth. I can wipe up the inevitable splatters really easily and it has a really nice feeling about it. I got it on Ebay so there was no touchy-feely before I bought it, but I was surprised that it was much higher quality than I expected. Happy girl, happy dance!

Question: Do you wear one, and if so what does YOUR apron look like? Do tell!

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  1. I don't wear one as often as I should, but my favourite is a simple white cotton full apron that you can throw in the wash with bleach.

    I've got cute aprons with sheep from New Zealand, coffee motifs from Italy and a few others, but I hate to see them fade, so it's plain old chef's white for me (even though I'm not a chef).

  2. I usually only wear an apron on Thanksgiving. I did get a great apron on Paris and one in Tuscany. They make me happy when I see them in the drawer - I should use them more often!

  3. I wear one for baking and for any super messy prep. My apron is ancient, stained and very comfortable. It's as much a security blanket as it is an apron.
    Your new apron is pretty snazzy!

  4. I've got a collection of aprons. My mom trained me to wear one often. If I ever forget, my mom will urge me on. That one is sooo cute.

  5. So snazzy and Stepford (sp)?, I LOVE IT! Where did you get it?

  6. No, but I want to, I need one with a coating (as I tend to change twice when I cook/clean, I need one that is practical and cute, but I would love to have a full black apron and one to wear when we have guests...

  7. I wear one about half the time. It's got leaves all over it. Very fallish. Most of the time I wear my "cookin' shirt". It's an old t-shirt that I have had for 20 years. I don't care how messed up it gets.

  8. Charmain, you are so too a chef and lucky to have been to cool places like New Zealand.

    Barbara, yes, yes, yes, take them out of the drawer!

    Michele, Yes I know what you mean about a security blanket. My old one is really special too.

    Prudy - I knew it. I had you pegged as an apron-wearin' kind of gal.

    Girl Japan- thanks! and ebay. look up oil cloth apron. I have a couple other aprons, a white chefs and a black one. The black one is from Alton Brown and it's autographed. That one is my favorite, but with all the white flour and such I'm afraid to wear it and make a mess. I don't want to wash it.

    Lisa- I love the idea of a cookin' shirt. When I forget my apron every shirt is a cookin' shirt! lol

  9. that is an adorable apron! ebay has the best stuff sometimes- i love it. i wear an apron everytime i cook. my ex bf got me one for valentine's day that said "domestic diva" and it's hot pick, black, and white with rhinestones. i still wear it! haha

  10. I never wore aprons till I got a job in a cafeteria. Now I wear one at work and I'm starting to at home. Mine are industrial strenghth. Nothing pretty, plain blue or plain red. It must have two pockets in it for work though.
    Maybe I should get a pretty one for at home. With a pocket so I wont keep losing my reading glasses. :)

  11. I don't wear an apron, never have. But I think they are totally cute on others--and I love gingham, so I love your new one. I've never likes how aprons accentuate my "rolls", so I just don't bother.

  12. Cute!
    I allways have to wear an apron! I have toons of them, I think in my kitchen now I have at least 3 and I use them accordling to my mood. My favourite ones are the ones I can tie in the front.

  13. Hi there! This is my first time on your blog -- it's fantastic! Your new apron is seriously cute! I've got an apron "thing" myself, and this month I've been wearing a white one that says "Ghostess with the Mostess." Because I also have a "bad pun" thing.

    Love your blog, I'll definitely be back!

  14. I wear an apron every time I even think about being in the kitchen. Mine are all beat up and disreputable, but I love each of them. I do try to keep one around that I only wear when guests are present. My very favorite was a McIlhenny Tabasco apron that my husband brought me back from Louisiana. I wore it until it was tattered and the red and green had faded from the tabasco bottle logo.


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