Friday, October 31, 2008


In celebration of Halloween, I'm going to share with you a very secret and very complex recipe. Here is my son, cradling the precious ingredients in the palm of his hand.

This pairing takes the unique and distinctive flavors of two very rare ingredients and upon combining them into one, creates a taste explosion in your mouth and (get this) makes you imagine the presence of another totally absent ingredient – Chocolate! {{Spooky!}}

Here’s the recipe:

1 handful of candy corn

1 handful of salted peanuts

Directions: Combine in the palm of your hand and eat, just like that.

Now tell me if this doesn’t taste EXACTLY like a Baby Ruth bar. Yes, I know you're jumping up from your computer right now to go and check this out. Go ahead, I’ll wait. (insert humming of Jepoardy theme song here)

SEE??? Or am I just crazy, wanting to create chocolate out of thin air? Is this modern day alchemy? Oh ho ho yeah. Merlin had it all wrong: who wants to convert lead into gold when you can create CHOCOLATE! ........ Mwahh ha ha ha ha!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Well, I will try this magic formula when - if? - my missing bag of candy corn surfaces! Happy Halloween!

  2. I wanted to try this so bad but I....ate all the candy corn before I could.

    I have a problem.

  3. Interesting - it reminds me of the way the Jelly Belly mixer packs tell you to combine certain jelly beans to get certain other new flavours.

    I can't try this particular trick tonight since I a.) don't have any candy corn and, b.) my hubby is allergic to peanuts so there are none in the house.

    I will keep this in mind though.

  4. This formula sounds great! Believe it or not, we don't have any candy corn so I'll just go eat a babe ruth bar.

  5. I have heard of something like this before but haven't actually taste tested it before. I actually have both in the house, but it's 10:30 p.m., so I really shouldn't. There is so freakin' much candy in our house right now it's CRAZY! Guess I'll have to make some more cookies to put all this candy in when I'm sick of watching the boys stuff their faces with it all! ;)

  6. Oh, you and all your evil plans! I must try them -- this might be the closest I'll ever get to pure magic. Maybe while the kids are detoxing on sugar overload today, I'll sneak off to my boiling cauldron and mix this baby up. Wait! I don't even need a boiling caludron! Yes, your recipe is perfect in every way!

  7. I have a surprise for you at my blog!


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