Thursday, January 5, 2012

Practice Swatch: Crocodile Stitch

This stitch is actually fairly easy to do, once you get the rhythm of it. I've been experimenting with techniques and yarns. Here's my first stab at it using Red Heart "Soft" Yarn. Not a fan so far. The strands unwind and I get lots of scraggly looking pieces. Too bad since I adore the color.

I've been doing this swatch using Teresa's YouTube instructions and I've started another swatch as well using a different technique and yarn, which I'll post later and compare my thoughts on the two.

Any ideas on what to turn this little swatch into?

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  1. i really feel that trying something new everyday is amazing and filling it with love is what makes it all worth it. Your blog gives off very positive vibes, its like stopping by to meet a lovely neighbor for a quick refreshing chat!!!
    Savvy Aggarwal


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