Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

No, not exactly like Bill Cosby’s famous meal, but I did have three boys dancing around like Baryshnikov this morning and singing my praises. No Thank You Boy (the one who refuses to eat), asks for a “Carnation Breakfast Shake, with chocolate chips”. Yes, sure, ok, whatever. Just EAT. ANYTHING. PLEASE. Now the other two are looking at me morosely over the toaster which holds their breakfast - waffles and sticks (french toast sticks). So, what the heck, chocolate chips all around, after all it’s T minus 5 days and counting until school starts again. So, we dump on the chocolate chips and “magic sprinkles” (aka: cinnamon sugar) and it’s breakfast.

Choruses of Handel’s Messiah “A-lay-loo-yah” begin echoing throughout the kitchen. The Little One comes up behind me and gives me a spontaneous knee hug. The Messy Eater is happily stuffing his face with gooey chocolate syrup butter waffles and it’s all over his face, hands, clothes and the table (as always) but today it seems uh, gloppier than usual. The Little One says it best: “Mommy, I’m fainting from chocolate”. Me too honey.

So, this is my first post, and I’m looking forward to blogging and I hope to be fairly consistent about it. Now you sort of know where “magic sprinkles” comes from. I forget who originally came up with calling them that - it was one of The Big Ones - and we started using those magic words pretty soon after they were able to sit up and eat on their own. They always knew that anything with “magic sprinkles” on it was extra tasty, extra good and had an extra amount of special love in it. With or without those sprinkles, I hope they know that everything they eat (even if it’s toaster waffles or sticks) has my special love in it.

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  1. How wonderful! Chocolate is MAGIC too!!



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